Chilli with a difference

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Chilli with a difference

Postby Chataigner » Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:47 am

Normally made with beef, we improvised this one to use about 5kg of cut up chunks of venison brought by the local chasse who had shot the deer on our land. Not sure which bit of the animal so we thought we'd better cook it long and slow.

For each 1kg of meat :
1kg red kidney beans
3 large onions
3 fat cloves garlic
3 tbl sp. tomato concentrate
1ltr stock
Chilli to taste, we use 2 whole red chillis finely chopped per 1kg meat, flavour without fire!

Soak the beans 24hrs, drain and cook for ages.
Cut the meat into fine strips
Brown the meat and onions
Drain the beans, add the browned meat and stock plus the chilli.
Cook slow, about 2hrs, check seasoning, adjust to taste.

It is excellent, I think the meat was actually better cuts than we realised, it is very tender.

Even better, they also brought a rib joint, 5 ribs, about 3kg weight. Beautiful meat. This is red deer by the way, which are huge. We also have roe deer around.

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