So where do you store your BBQ gas cylinders?

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So where do you store your BBQ gas cylinders?

Postby thatsnotafestool » Mon May 14, 2018 7:41 am

Just wondering as I've just come back from an Open Day at DNV-GL where they blow up things. The last and very spectacular demonstration was of an explosion of a relatively small amount of propane gas in a confined space. Just like you might get if you stored your cylinder inside your shed or garage.

Their advice was ' Store them outside. Better to have them nicked than your house structurally damaged!'. Same goes for butane cylinders.

This video gives a good oversight of what these guys do.
The explosion at around 1.18 is similar to the propane explosion that they made using only around a 1/4 of a typical BBQ cylinder.

If anyone saw either the Richard Hammond programme 'What would have happened if Guy Fawkes succeeded' or Tony 'wotsit' aka Baldrick's programme on blowing up some terraced houses to show the effect of various German bombs in the blitz...well, they were all filmed up at DNV-GL.

They also do a lot of secret squirrel stuff re blast containment for terrorist bombs and IEDs.
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