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Splits in fingers - a possible cure ?

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:46 am
by thatsnotafestool
I can't recall (and searching has failed me) which forum I mentioned this on a long time ago but I do recall quite a few suffering as well.

Up until this year, as winter drew near and/or I was spending a lot of time in the workshop in the cold, I used to get nasty little splits on my thumbs. Some folk used superglue, I used to tape them shut with Micropore tape.

However, not this year :D

I've been taking daily doses of a zinc/copper tablet from Cytoplan to cure the horizontal ridges I was getting in my thumb nails. They've now gone. But also have those splits.

Correlation ? Coincidence ? Dunno...I'm just passing on this tip to those similarly afflicted to give it a try.

Happy Crimble to you all.