Front Door - Crack & Discloured

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Front Door - Crack & Discloured

Postby jamie1985 » Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:50 pm


I am an absolute novice in regards to woodwork. I have a wooden front door which has a crack which looks to have been filled with something by the previous owner (who was very much a hobbyist wood-worker). It looks like some kind of glue/filler. Around the crack the door is discoloured. Please see the attached photos:



I would like to fix this as well as possible. Time is not an issue. I am thinking I will have to sand the whole door and frame, fill the crack and then stain/treat. I do not know what kind of wood it is and what stain/varnish to use. I would like the door to look as similar to its current colour as possible.

Also, slightly different topic but around the frame it looks like silicone residue from an old pvc door, what's the best way to remove this?

Any advice would be great.


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