How much support?

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How much support?

Post by Bobtuck » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:14 pm

Hi all, first post be gentle :)

I'm going to install an oversize computer bench/desk that's 3 metres wide by 800mm deep....I know, I have a lot of stuff :(

It will be 25mm chipboard (nice stuff, if chipboard can be 'nice', seems quite high density)

It will be supported along the back with a batten (on the wall) and at the front I reckon I can get away with insetting the TWO legs (can't have more) by around 200mm.....that still gives me an apron or span of 2.6 metres.

Do the experienced patrons here think a 2.6M piece of 50mmx50mmx3mm steel box section would suffice and not sag (no real weight per se)?

(I can hide this behind a wood 'false apron')

My woodworking skills aren't exactly stellar....but I can get by pretty reasonably.

Many thanks for any advice.


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