Basic tools?

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Basic tools?

Post by 97holtumj » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:51 pm

Evening all. Amidst the covid-19 isolation debacle, I have decided it'd be a great time to take up the woodworking hobby that I've been saying I would for years. I'm certainly not a complete beginner, having spent a lot of time in the workshop during my school days. So, know a lot of basic techniques and how to use tools safely.

However, I am faced with a problem. I don't remember much of the technical jargon - ie. I can recognise tools sand their purpose, but not their names...

Also, my school's old workshop was kitted out with some pretty serious equipment which I'm unlikely to be able to afford.

So, I wondered if anyone may be able to offer some advice?

I'm looking to purchase the essential range of tools that I'll need for a few basic projects (eg. bread bin/coffee table). So, I wondered if anyone had/knows of a good list that might help get me started.

My plan is to use my current knowledge and a few youtube videos to get by, therefore learning as I go along. I'd rather spend the money on the right tools than a course.

I'm not on a tightly constrained budget but probably couldn't afford to put much more than £1000 into it at this stage. So, if there are certain items that are worth going for quality on I'd appreciate any guidance.


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Re: Basic tools?

Post by davidpidge » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:51 pm

Are you planing to make and finish everything with hand tools or power tools? Will you be buying timber prepared or are you hoping to do that yourself?
Hard to say what tools you'll need unless you have more specific requirements. I usually design things around the tools i have rather than buying tools to do the job if that makes sense.

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Re: Basic tools?

Post by Meccarroll » Fri Mar 27, 2020 5:11 am

Not exactly sure how you will buy tools for DIY, given the current environment, with people being advised to stay at home except for essential daily exercise and food shopping.

Having said that it may be possible to still buy tools online and have them delivered, that might be the safest option at the moment for both for you and others.

Hand tools are an important part in any woodwork project, machines and power tools are very useful but not necessary for DIY projects or if you have time on your hands and are just starting out.

A basic list of hand tools to get you started might consist of:

Set of Chisels
Claw Hammer
warrington style hammer
marking gauge
Hand Plane
Rebate plane (not necessary but useful)
nail punch
Tenon saw (hard back saw)
Hand saws (buy 10 point to the inch also 7 point to the inch)
Set of assorted screwdrivers
drill and set of drill bits
cramps for holding wood
workbench with clamp (make your own as a first project)

There are always other tools you will need but the above is a suggestion to think about. If you watch how people work with hand tools on utube you will soon see the tools you might need.

If you are going to move onto hand power tools then I'd suggest starting with a decent battery drill, electric planer and skill saw.
for starters.

When you are ready to buy a machine for woodwork a table saw is probably going to be the most used piece of machinery you will ever buy. It's not necessary to start off with but as your projects become more advanced you may find a table saw useful so you can convert wood to size at home.

I would imagine you could buy all of the above for £1000 or under if you shop carefully.

I'm sure others will chip in and give advice too.


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