Swivelling cabinet ?

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Swivelling cabinet ?

Post by thatsnotafestool » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:08 am

We already have these in place.


(Bit of nifty work turning one of them upside down otherwise we'd have needed a stepladder to open the top one!)

We have this to box in somehow.


Originally Chief Designer had agreed that a simple shaker style cupboard (painted) would suffice. But she now thinks that it will stick out like a sore thumb (and I have to admit, I agree). So the plan is to fit another stack of those cupboards minus the 300mm wide stack on the right (curved units now bought and so no going back).

Problem is that consumer unit. That's not going to be moved but the access flap to the MCB's etc is dead inline with the top of one carcass and the bottom of the other...not ideal. :( Two options...

1) lower the plinth so that the flap now can be accessed via a cutout in just the one carcass. Downside is access to the actual consumer unit for any work in the future. And emptying the curved unit of stored stuff to get to the cutout.

2) Conceal some castors inside the plinth, fit a piano hinge all the way down the RH side of the carcass so that it can be swivelled out of the way to (a) work on the consumer unit (b) access the MCB's etc.

Potential pitfalls....not a perfectly flat tiled floor maybe...more than likely. Sprung castors ? Do they exist ?

(The gun cabinet is moving BTW)
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Re: Swivelling cabinet ?

Post by woodsmith » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:52 am

I think I’d make one tall cabinet then fix the doors together so they open as one, that way you can put shelves wherever you want.

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