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European walnut and black walnut

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:20 pm
by Anthony Appleyard
About European walnut (EW, Juglans regia) and American black walnut (ABW, Juglans nigra): I have seen Youtube videos (including by Iron & Oak Sawmill) about slabbing an EW tree trunk, with a USA accent and thus likely made in the USA. Are there EW trees in the USA?, likely planted for the nuts, which are much easier to crack than AWB nuts. If ABW and EW trees are grown near each other, can they pollinate each other and thus produce hybrid trees?, whose wood is likely to be intermediate in nature between EW and ABW.

That video complained at length about severe ringshakíng (= cracks along the annual rings) being common in EW. Have any of you noticed this?