10" sedgwick planer thicknesser blade adjustment issue

If its got a cable, this is the place to talk about it.
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10" sedgwick planer thicknesser blade adjustment issue

Postby vince » Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:09 pm

Hello all, i wonder if any Sedgwick planer owners have had this problem, when changing the planer blades (2 this model) ive had difficulty in adjusting the blades, the blade adjustment grubscrew becomes partially covered by the bottom edge of the blade, and i cant access the hex slot in the grub screw, even using a ball ended key, this happens with both blades but only on one side, thats the side nearest to me, not the fence side, the fence side is perfect, and works as it should do, im wondering if the, i believe its called a chipbreaker, that goes in the cutter block with the blade, has worn, and possibly pushing the bottom edge of the blade in more than should be, and not in a parallel line or uniformly.
the chipbreaker/ packer has 4 divets in the back, which the 4 block locking grub screws register into, these have some wear on them, and might be the cause, can anyone offer any advice please.
Thanks in advance Vince.

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Re: 10" sedgwick planer thicknesser blade adjustment issue

Postby Tomyjoiner » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:32 pm

Hi Vince, i have a 12" (pardon the pun) an mine is the same on all 4 adjusters but i have 5 locking screws not 4. i just nip up either end then back off a fraction then i can fine adjust using the adjusters then a quick nip up an a check. Usually takes me about 3 goes to get it spot on. I hated changing the blades when i first got her but i can do it in about 15 mins now.

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