Dust extraction for Table saw and Mitre saw

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Dust extraction for Table saw and Mitre saw

Post by xrayhead » Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:49 am

Hi All

I have a Dewalt DW717 and I have that hooked up to a Numatic George, I just purchased the Dewalt Jobsite table saw and want to sort out my dust extraction as currently on the Miter saw it is shocking. I'm not sure if I need anything more heavy duty of the seal on the saw etc is not 100% but it really is bad. I have a decent budget to upgrade the standard hover to a propper shop vac/dust extractor.

So a couple of questions;
Do I need to switch out the Numatic George and if so any recommendations for something that will fit my needs and do a much better job than what I currently have?

Thanks, guys

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Re: Dust extraction for Table saw and Mitre saw

Post by 9fingers » Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:54 pm

Mitre saws are notoriously difficult to extract the dust from. Youtube is full of exotic hoods etc to improve what is provided by the manufacturer.

I've found that matching the area of the air inlets on a table saw to be more or less equal to the area of the exhaust port. This normally means bunging up lots of gaps and fitting sealing bristles along the tilting quadrant so the air drawn in naturally passes close to the blade and pulls the sawdust out of the gullets in the half diameter under the table. Blade guard extraction is not worthwhile IMO and it gets in the way too.

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Re: Dust extraction for Table saw and Mitre saw

Post by Meccarroll » Thu Jun 25, 2020 6:18 am

I haven't looked at the specification of your Numatic George for filtering but a lot of hoovers including the Henry Hoover don't filter the particles enough for industrial or semi industrial use. So you are most likely sucking up sawdust but ejecting very fine particles back into your work area with a Numatic George.

A lot of machinery has a specific airflow requirement for extraction and you need to make sure your extractor extracts enough volume of air (m3/h) to remove the particles created by the machining process. If the extractor is located in your work area you also need to ensure the filter of the extractor is adequate so as to ensure any fine dust is not filtered back into where you are working. Generally I'd be looking at a 2/3hp Dust extractor with a very fine filter if used in the workshop but preferably locate the extractor unit outside your work area.

I use a Charnwood single bag 2hp dust extractor with fine filter but a single bag extractor can fill up pretty quick when using the planer/thicknesser (fine for sawing) and it is not cheap at £629 but works very well for most of my machinery.

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