Startrite Inca bandsaw

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Startrite Inca bandsaw

Postby siansaxton » Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:58 pm

I've just bought my first bandsaw. I spent quite a while reading about them first and I've finally bought a Startrite Inca, secondhand but in very good order. It looks like the Swiss made Inca except that the motor is built into the base rather than directly driving the lower wheel (this seems to be the case on at least the smaller Euro Incas).

I wondered if any one can tell me a bit more about it? I've searched on Google but not a lot comes up. Do any of you know why it's a "Startrite" Inca? Was it a collaboration between the two companies or did Startrite buy Inca out or make a clone? Have any of you owned one of these machines and if so how did you find it? Are they any easier to find parts for than the Swiss Incas?

Any information would be great.

Many thanks, Sian

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