Disc sander & Buffer

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Disc sander & Buffer

Postby mjwincott » Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:46 pm

Hello to one and all, I am trying to find a tool that will be able to help me shape small wooden toys along their edges. I have been advised to use a bench grinder with a sanding disc attachment with a 6 inch extender, but so fart i am not able to find the right thing, just little discs (approx 3 inches in width).
I have attached 2 photos of what i want to achieve. The figure picture has intricate sculpting around his neck to bring it in and the Wolf picture has amazing cutting to where the tail is, i have no idea how it is done to make the tails thinner than the rest of the wolf's body but i know for sure both of these products are made by hand and by huge quantities. I was just told that these intricate areas of the toys are done on a grinder with a woodwork attachment. I have also attached an image of the disc sander that is used.

Also does anyone know how to get hold of a big fabric sanding wheel machine? i have been told it is a series of sandpaper and fabric so when sanding lots of small toys its much quicker and efficient than using a mouse sander and buffs the wood to a grand polished feel.

Many thanks for any help.

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