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Jigsaw recommendations

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:33 am
by hawkeyefxr
Just sold my 110v tranny and Makita jigsaw, both were 10 years or more old but still in good condition thought the makita had blaes that were difficult to get as they have move on since i used this at work. Transformer got in the way in my shed.
It will be used for general home use as i have various other saws, table saw, band saw, sabre saw and hand saw.
I have a budget of £50.00.
I have been looking at the Bosch 500W 240V Jigsaw PST 7200 E and the ERBAUER EJS750 750W ELECTRIC JIGSAW 220-240V (874FX)
I like the latter for it's bigger motor though not sure of the tool free blade change (call me old fashioned), Bosch have a good name in tools.
What is meant by Pendulum Action??

Re: Jigsaw recommendations

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:03 pm
by Meccarroll
Pendulum action means the blade will swing back then forward like a clock pendulum. A Jigsaw in normally move the blade up then down to make a cutting action, if you add pendulum then you add a swing to the movement which helps to clear wood rapidly. Using pendulum action usually makes the cut quicker but also rougher.

I use pendulum action when I am cutting through 45mm thick timber or quickly rough cutting sheet material down. For finer cutting of laminates and aluminium I tend to use a jigsaw with a normal up and down cutting action without the pendulum motion.

Bosch are generally good tools even the DIY models. Some bosh tools are now made in China and it depends how they are manufactured and the quality of components as to how good they are.

Generally, I quite like Bosch tools and find them as good as any. I have three Jigsaws one bosch professional and one DIY and one professional makit. The bosch and makita professional jigsaws are both on a par with each other. One of my Bosch jigsaws is a green coloured DIY 240v model, it's got quite a powerful motor with pendulum action and cuts through 45mm timber with no trouble whatsoever but it is not as accurate as either of my professional jigsaws. The blade tends to wander more on the DIY Bosch jigsaw so it's not really any good for fine work.

If you are going to do any serious work with a jigsaw I'd highly recommend buying one with pendulum action.


Re: Jigsaw recommendations

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:39 pm
by Meccarroll
Took a look at the Bosch and Erbauer and out of the two I would go for the Erbauer.

If at all possible, consider paying a little more so you have more choice.

Things that make cutting a lot easier are:

1. Variable speed (allows you to alter the speed to suite different materials.
2. Adjustable Pendulum action (Helps to remove timber quicker)
3. Quality base (provides stability when cutting)
4. Blower (blows away waste material so you can see the line you are cutting along)
5. Light (helpful in dark areas)

Note: In my opinion: Variable speed and pendulum action can make up for lower watt motors and even outdo a standard Jigsaw with higher Watts (Power).

This is worth looking at.

Also consider this too!
It has 1. Speed Control, 2.Led Light, 3.Blower and 4.Orbital Action (like Pendulum)

Re: Jigsaw recommendations

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:57 pm
by hawkeyefxr
Thanks for the replies, i think the Erbauer will do me. I don't use it a lot. When i was on the road it was a different story so DIY tools were not a choice.