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Festool TS75 trouble

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:04 am
by MJ80
My old TS75 is really starting to struggle. I have mainly been using it for rough sizing timber before I get it to the table saw. Over here I am buying everything now from the sawmill in big packs or boules and the boards are a bit of a handful. To be fair I need to get another saw for ripping thick boards before I get them into the workshop, probably an old Mafell or the big Milwaulkee CS85CBE. I can't find any information or reviews about the Milwaulkee, if any of you have any opinions I#d love to hear them.
In general I have been noticing the Festool getting bogged down and the blade flange seems to be getting warm and leaving its imprint on the blades. There is also a hot metallic smell. The blades are sharp. I have been noticing it struggle on the mundane stuff as well, worktops, sheets and the like. New bushes have been ordered. Have you any ideas what it may be? Have any of you opened one of these up? I'm wondering if the drive gear needs a bit of a clean and grease. Any bright ideas?