Drilling Large holes in tree trunks

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Drilling Large holes in tree trunks

Post by martinnico » Wed Apr 29, 2020 11:11 am


I have a 90mm diameter forstner bit in my old pillar drill (1500w) - and am trying to drill large holes to a depth of about 25cm in tree trunks.
Problem I'm having is this is obviously hard work for the drill and the belts keep slipping no matter how much I tighten then so drilling
is just a too long and slow process- I'm keeping the bit as sharp as I can, constantly re-sharpening often.
Not sure where to turn to next - do I need a more powerful drill (with direct drive or chain drive or something to stop the slipping) or would
some sort of table router/CNC machine be able to do the job better?
Anyone any ideas as am at a bit of a loss at the moment



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