Revarnishing a pine floor

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Revarnishing a pine floor

Post by Badger35 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:06 pm

When we moved into our 1980s house five years ago, I sanded and varnished all of the upstairs floors with a polyurethane water based varnish - looks great. However, one of the rooms has had a water leak necessitating part of the floor to be re-done. You can still buy the varnish I used, Ronseal Diamond Hard clear matt, so that is not a problem.

I have sanded off the old varnish, but the colour of the boards appears much lighter now. Not sure if this was the original colour, whether I have had to sand back quite a bit, or whether the old varnish had aged. When you mop the floor with water, the sanded boards go the same golden honey colour as the rest of the floor, but they dry 'white' again.

Any suggestions what I should do please? If I leave the boards unvarnished for a while will they 'mellow' and how long would it take? Should I just varnish it anyway and live with it being whiter for a while until the varnish 'mellows'? Is there anything that can speed either of these processes up please?

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