Denford Educator

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Denford Educator

Postby NPJ » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:49 pm

Evening all.I have just become the owner of a lathe/disc side of the pedestal is a bowl turning lathe and the other side is a 12" disc sander.
Ive only given it a quick glance over and I think the plate says something like 'Denford Educator'. I am led to believe it came out of a school some years ago. It's has a 3 phase motor on it and is a good hefty bit of machinery.
Just wondering if anyone has, or has had, any experience with one of these.
I also came into possession of a wadkin 12" pedestal disc sander, this is now set up and working, I'm unsure whether to keep the lathe as it won't get much use in my joinery workshop.
Thanks for any information chaps.

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