New timber tech book on the way

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New timber tech book on the way

Postby sgiandubh » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:37 pm

I've been pretty quiet here for a fair old time. Not had much to say because I've been busy on other things.

This is not a typical completed project with plenty of photographs to show processes, but it is news about a project of mine nearing completion. Over nearly a decade I created a manuscript on timber technology which has now found a publisher. Release is scheduled for early 2018 - no set date yet, but I don't expect release will be much later than perhaps March, maybe even earlier if all goes well.

The publisher, Lost Art Press, asked me to put together some blog posts in advance of the book's release, which can be found here. Blogging isn't really my thing, but I guess I'm a reasonably natural windbag, so the words kind of rolled off the tongue (keyboard?) fairly easily, ha, ha.

I do remember posting three or four years ago asking what interest users here might have in such a book, so I guess this counts as a follow up to that. Slainte.

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