nutool 37 wood lathe

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nutool 37 wood lathe

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Hello, my dad recently acquired a nutool37 wood lathe and the items below came with it as extras but no instrutions or makers name. He doesn't have any information on how to assemble it and doesnt even now if its all there. Is anyone able to help and point him in the right direction? Thanks
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Re: nutool 37 wood lathe

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That's an interesting collection of bits. I can answer a few of them for you. They mostly look like bowl-turning attachments, but you can use them for other things too. The small 3-hole one with a screw coming out of it, is a bowl-turning live centre on the back there should be a screw thread to mount it onto the lathe. The large 4 hole plate looks like it will take the doevtail jaws (the 120° segmented bits) which are to hold a dovetailed tenon you turn onto the bottom of the bowl so you can hold it to turn the hollow centre when you take it off the screw bit.

The pin spanner should fit over the screw centre, to enable you to take the screw out. The curved spanner should fit into the holes on the large chuck, probably to tighten it onto the lathe, but may also open and close the jaws (though that should be done with the knurled ring).

I've done quite a bit of bowl turning, but haven't written an article on my blog about it yet. If you do a quick google search about bowl turning, you'll see these attachments in use.

I hope that helps, sorry, it's a bit hard from pictures. At least it should point you in the right direction.

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