Removing stamp on pressure treated wood

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Removing stamp on pressure treated wood

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I recently used some pressure treated wood to build a raised bed and stupidly didn't realise one of the stamps was facing outwards until it was far too late. Looking around the internet there is all kinds of advice out there about what to do to remove it, but most assumes that the wood in question will then be stained (and a lot is US focused advice). I am not planning on staining or painting this wood, and so was wondering what my options were?

Some suggest that over time the weather will mostly get rid of it - either water slowly washing it away or perhaps the sun will fade the ink over time - but others suggest it will just be there forever. If it's likely to fade over time, anyone have any idea how long that would take? I don't mind waiting it out, unless it will take a good 5 years...

Others suggest that sanding is the best option - which I am happy to do but as a very inexperienced woodworker is this likely to make the part where the stamp was look different compared to the rest of the piece of wood? It's a 2.4m long piece so sanding the whole thing would be a pain in the ar*e. I am also worried that by sanding I might actually lower it's lifespan due to removing outer layer of treatment? I know pressure treatment tends to go beyond just the surface - but anyone have any thoughts on this?

Any help appreciated! I have not yet even tried "just giving it a scrub", but thought I'd seek out some advice first...
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