Clear out of Dad's workshop Bracknel/Wokingham

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Clear out of Dad's workshop Bracknel/Wokingham

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, my Dad passed away last summer and has left a garage full of machinery and tools. The time has now come to try and sell some/most of this equipment.

Looking around in the garage today, I identified these 4 main pieces of machinery that my mum would like to be taken away as soon as possible :-

1)Delta 14-650 hollow chisel morticer

2)Kity 637 planer thicknesser

3)elektra beckum pkf 255 v8 panel saw

4)Startrite 352 band saw

I have a fair idea of what these might be worth if I were to list them on ebay - but could be interested in these being taken as a job lot for a fair price.

I haven't been able to get any decent photos so far but will try this weekend. And there are too many other assorted items to catalogue here.

The equipment has always been stored in a garage but hasn't been used in quite a while.

Any interest would be greatly appreciated and we may do an "Open Garage Sale" at some point and we live in the Bracknell/Wokingham area of Berkshire
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Re: Clear out of Dad's workshop Bracknel/Wokingham

Post by Rixarena »

Hi, I am very sorry for your loss

Did you sell these machines already?

Regards Sam
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