Coronet Major

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Coronet Major

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Hello there!

First post here and was hoping to find anyone who has had experience with a Coronet Major woodworking machine?

I’ve been given what I believe is a Mk1 Coronet Major with a few attachments. It’s maroon (I understand this makes it pre-1976 when they switched to blue) and has a 7/8 16TPI spindle thread. If anyone has any tips of correctly identifying my lathe beyond those two features it’d be appreciated!

It’s in dire need of a good clean up and so I’ve started stripping the whole thing and all the attachments down. Had a few mishaps along the way (nackered the threads on both ends of the spindle as I didn’t have a puller to get the bearing off, which I’ve since been able to repair, save for a slightly damaged morse taper socket which I’m working on repairing) but so far it’s cleaning up really well.

I’m looking at replacing a few bits and getting some modern upgrades in place of some missing components. I’ve had a look at some MT1 jacob’s chucks and they seem readily available but I wondered if anyone has found a suitable three or four jaw scroll chuck (correct term?) that fits the old spindle thread, or has found any adapters that don’t require a mortgage? Alternatively is it a thing to have an MT1 adapter for a chuck or am I barking up the wrong tree with that idea?

Also about to start cleaning up the original Gryphon motor and wondered if anyone had a clue how to wire the thing… it had some cables attached that have long-since been snipped but there seems to be a pair of cables going in.. not just the one!

Any help, tips, advice, pictures of your Coronet would be appreciated. Pic of the crusty old thing for reference - all the tools and accessories are scattered about on another bench at the mo but happy to send specific pics to help with identification!


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Re: Coronet Major

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