Creating a dispenser

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Creating a dispenser

Post by Darkbark » Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:17 pm

So to cut a long story short im a matchstick modeller and have been making models for many years

I want to make a matchstick dispenser out of matchsticks with a large tank on top full of matches I've already figured out most of it I'm just searching for a lubricant that i can use once and that's it i can seal it all up and just fill it up via a slot

As its being made with woodbond and woodglue there will be no way of getting inside it without breaking it I'm going to be giving myself a small service hatch if matches get stuck in the dispenser but the slides taking the matches from the tank to the dispenser and again to the collection bin will all be sealed off

Can anyone recommend a good spray or paint that can do this task

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