Advice Decking Frame Layout For Awkward Shape

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Advice Decking Frame Layout For Awkward Shape

Post by Kenalda » Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:51 pm

Hi all,

looking a bit of advice!

have an odd shaped section of garden behind the garage and want to deck it.
Its sided by the end of my garage, and three featherboard cladded fences (only one of which i can see the posts).
I started laying out my support posts this evening on sketchup and the shape of it is giving me a headache.

ive attached an overall view and my first botched attempt at the joists (only to realise i was laying them the wrong way as i want my boards to run east to west) so am away to fix that but im still going to have the same problem with trying to catch the joists on non squared areas (along the top and east where i dont have fence posts to put a anchor onto). there isnt a 90°corner in sight but in my first bash i thought i should square off the posts and outer joists with the only side you will see - the southern side of the pentagon (as this will be receiving facia boarding so wanted the posts to be square to this side.

Do i just fire posts in the obvious places and mitre my joists to attach to the overall squared section? or i was thinking should i set 2 smaller and lower joist sets squared to the top fence and east fence and run my intended joists out over the top of them to keep the joists i intend to fix onto square?

any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Over head.JPG
Joist Setout.JPG

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